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Game-changing Headgear, With Unrestricted 360-degree views.

Our transparent plastic brims provide unobstructive views in every direction. A game-changer for any outdoor sport!

visto visors

These visors have taken my pickleball game to a whole new level. With the expanded range of vision I feel more confident and in control on the court.

Brittany F.

As a tennis player, I no longer have to choose between shielding my eyes from the sun and keeping a clear view of the ball. This hat does it all.

Michele E.

I’m a golfer who was constantly adjusting my hat when lining up my shots. Not anymore. I can track the ball and maintain a clear line of sight without ever having to adjust my hat to compensate for the sun’s angle.

Robert F.

I purchased this hat for pickleball and have found the transparent brim to be an absolute game-changer, but what I didn’t expect was for this hat to also become my go-to choice for everyday walks.

Chris O.